Guys!!! Come and Join KBMI 2020

In order to encourage the emergence of prospective young entrepreneurs in college, the Ministry of Education and Culture Directorate of Belmawa again conducted the Indonesian Student Management Business Activity (KBMI) in 2020 as a continuation of the Indonesian Student Business Competition Program (KBMI) which had been held in previous years. KBMI is expected to be able to support the vision and mission of the government as stipulated in the Ministry of Education and Culture’s Renstra for the development of new entrepreneurs in realizing the independence of the nation through the development of entrepreneurship education and training. The KBMI program is also expected to produce creative work, which is innovative in opening up business opportunities that are useful for students after completing their studies.

The KBMI program which began in 2017 is considered to have a positive impact on students to encourage entrepreneurial students, including the business development model owned by students. The quality of the KBMI will continue to be improved in order to provide entrepreneurial motivation and business development among students in the hope that it can be adopted as an entrepreneurial guidance system in College.

The KBMI program focuses on the orientation of development, processes, and business results (profit). The stages of the KBMI in 2020 included proposing proposals, training in business plans, determining the recipients of KBMI grants, entrepreneurial assistance, monitoring evaluations and the Indonesian Student Entrepreneurship Exhibition / Expo as the peak of a series of KBMI activities.

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